Up-to-date information about the ACP project Q1/2019
It's the right time again to give you some information about the state of things in ACP. Last year we neglected the flow of information a little, and some of you got the impression that nothing was happening anymore with the FireBee.

But the opposite is true, so we want to give you an update about the things that are currently being worked on.

• Delivery of the 2nd series
We are still busy to deliver the computers of the 2nd series. With all the things that went wrong with this batch (power transformer issue, case production - the final cases were delivered to us this January etc.) the resulting huge delay also caused an incredible mess. Some pre-orderers believed they wouldn't get a device anymore; others we had to chase down with multiple mails, posts or on other channels because their personal data had changed. At any rate, the efforts are huge. We are doing the best we can though to process everything in order. And all the people who had pre-ordered for the 2nd series will be guaranteed to get a computer! You can also always contact us about your delivery.

Once we have exhausted all contact options with all pre-orderers, and some still didn't give feedback, we will start another call here on the homepage before possibly selling any remaining computers to other buyers on the waiting list. But that will not happen before summer 2019.

• As usual, a lot is happening in the area of "Look and Feel". Design is being continued in Rome and some releases can be expected this year.

• For several months now, a lot of work is happening in the background to put together a new, up-to-date official FreeMiNT setup. Lars has joined the team again, and FreeMiNT for FireTOS is being improved from all sides, extensively tested, and a fine collection of current applications are added to the setup.

• There are new versions of all components in the ROM. Medusa has a new base system (BaS), a new FPGA configuration with very important improvements and a new FireTOS. The really important improvements will be presented to you bit by bit in the coming weeks. The boards that are being delivered right now already contain these new parts!

• Some work is also happening with the homepage and documentation. In this context, we would like to point you to the new sub-page "Motherboard Connectors and Components" ; the energy required for these information processing tasks is not to be underestimated.

• It is also always worthwile to visit all the external projects that have some relation to FireBee, but are independent software. For example, the newest FreeMiNT & XaAES, version 1.19.36c, was released on March 30th 2019. Miro Kropacek has released version 7.4.0 (original from December 6th) of the GCC compiler for MiNT, and also specifically for the ColdFire CPU of the FireBee, on the 1st of March.

There are also new versions of Teradesk, AHCC, GFA-Basic, Netsurf-Webbrowser and many more. The Litchi-FTP-client and KK-commander received new releases in Februars 2019.

• Another new series?
We get requests about another new batch of FireBee computers all the time. Right now we can't promise anything. Of course we will try to persuade Medusa to produce another series of FireBees, subsequently to the recent shipping. To that end, we have been collecting serious (!) pre-orders since summer 2018. So if you want to buy a FireBee in the future, you should order it now. This will help us tremendously with planning and implementation. But a new series will not be released before 2020!


Mailsystem reorganized
We have migrated our complete mailsystem and all communication problems should be a thing of the past.

In the last years it sadly occured on and off, that our mailserver got listed at some few blacklists and our mails thus went into your spamfolders or in some few cases got directly discarded by your mailservers. On the one hand this was due to the atari.org mailadress which was not configured correctly (SPF, which was previously not needed for years). On the other hand there are indeed some competences missing to configure the Linux machine correctly on which the firebee.org mail server was running. The system was adoped from now inactive people and despite great efforts the problems could not be solved.

Additionally atari-home.de cancelled all their mail services (presumably because of the new GDPR) by end of ...

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Shipping and new Orders
About the situation and availability of the hardware

In recent weeks, we have seen a noticeable increase in pre-order with sometimes unsolicited remittances from "new customers". We would like to clarify again the current situation.

The 2nd series of FireBees is currently sold out. We have been delivering them for some time now (unfortunately very slowly). All new orders are placed on a waiting list. In case of withdrawals during the shipping process, the machines will be assigned according to this list. In addition, binding pre-orders are of interest for a possible further series of FireBees. The more people pre-order the more likely such a series will be produced in the future. An early delivery will not be possible for new customers.

The normal procedure is to ...

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FireBee on GitHub
After some long months with no public access to our Firebee sources, we finally moved everything to GitHub.

Since last summer the situation with Atariforge became more and more unstable. Sadly the AtariForge services seem not to come back in time anymore. Nevertheless we like to thank Rob Mahlert for the years of support he gave for free to the community. Now everything we got is collected and online again at GitHub. Special thanks goes to Miro Kropáček and David Gálvez who cared about that non-acceptable situation, and uploaded everything to the new repository at GitHub that Markus Fröschle created some months ago. Gladly Mikro had a full AtariForge backup for us, and also every new developments from 2017 are online now. Including several new FPGA and BaS developments which binaries we will publish in the upcoming weeks and ...

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Linear Classic icon set for Teradesk updated
The new version 1.54 represents a major upgrade of the of the 48p. Linear Classic icon set for Teradesk.


A total of 364 icons are now available with 121 new or updated icons (81 folders, 24 programs, 12 files and 4 devices).

New/Updated icons preview

The Linear Classic set shares most of the pictograms with the ...

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FB-Basic icon set 1.54 update
Just after the FB-Basic 1.50 major release, a minor upgrade for the FB-Basic icon set for Teradesk is arrived.

This "quick fix" release solves a few issues: some icons not included in 1.50 were added, the default HD was renamed to "hard disc" to comply with Teradesk’s naming rules and 2 duplicate icons were deleted. To keep compatibility with old teradesk.inf configuration files, a new experimental "harddisk" icon was added to the set. Finally, the teradesk.inf file was updated to reflect changes in the cicons.rsc file.

Download: FB-Basic-154 (.zip 424kB)


FB-Basic icon set for Teradesk updated
One year after the initial release, the FB-Basic icon set for Teradesk receives a major update.


With the new 1.5 version, the total number of icons is up to 360, with more than 100 new entries.

New/Updated icons preview

All the icons are available in 48p. with 256, 16 and 2 ...

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Firebee.org Server Problems
Sadly the project is facing bigger server issues at the moment. Since last Thursday the domain firebee.org is not accessible and our mailboxes are not reachable.

Today it turned out that this is a serious problem, that might take another week or two to get solved. Our admins are working at the problem.

We like to assure you that the ACP is still active, and that we try to get back completely online as soon as possible. In the meantime you can access firebee.org by the IP adress and reach us by our fallback mailadress acpinfo (at) atari-home (dot) de


GFA Basic v3.7 beta

GFA Basic v3.7 has reached beta testing stage and is available also for the FireBee. New features include:
- Added all missing AES calls up to AES v4.1, plus some N.AES calls.
- Added the most commonly used Bios, Xbios, Gemdos, VDI, and NVDI calls.
- Some new general purpose commands not related to the operating system.
- Just over 256 new commands.

It’s now possible to write medium to large application without having to write bindings. The beta is available at the newly reworked website. Follow the download link at http://gfabasic.net/


MyAES 0.97 and patches
On the 30th of July 2017, Olivier Landemarre distributed MyAES 0.97.

It took almost three years, way more than initially planned, for Oliver to release the new version of MyAES. The MyAES kernel went trought an extensive review process: new features were added and various parts of the code were significantly reworked to improve the overall performance and compatibility. Just to name a few improvements:
- the multitasking management was revised;
- a new management of the windows/desktop redraws and a a new program configuration manager were added;
- a new video memory manager and AES call;
- The Yopla task manager and the MDesk desktop (although still at info level) were also improved;
- the background image is automatically resized.
But the full list of improvements and fixes is way longer. ...

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EmuTOS-2017 news
Versions 0.9.8 / 0.9.9 / and Travis CI integration.

Dec 15th, the following bug in the version 0.9.9 was found:
When deleting desktop icons, it could ask you to delete a bunch of files, fortunately after confirmation dialog.
As this could cause data loss, there was the release of the hotfix. Please update now if you are alredy using 0.9.9 :

On December 11th EmuTOS Development Team released version 0.9.9 of free Atari-compatible OS.

Major changes:
• AES: Allow mouse cursors to be loaded at boot time
• EmuDesk: Add 'Desktop configuration' dialog
• EmuDesk: Allow configuration of window/desktop backgrounds
• EmuDesk: Allow desktop window file mask to be specified
• EmuDesk: Omit unused desktop menu items
• EmuDesk: Open new window with Alt+doubleclick on folder
• ...

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Up-to-date information about the ACP project Q1/2019
It's the right time again to give you some information about the state of things ...
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Mailsystem reorganized
We have migrated our complete mailsystem and all communication problems should be ...
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Shipping and new Orders
About the situation and availability of the hardware
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