• FireBee Computer 560,– €

Board like shown on picture. Coldfire 264MHz, 512MB RAM, 5 x USB, 128MB video- and special-RAM, CF, SD, 10/100Mbit, DVI-I, 2 serial ports, sound IN/OUT/MIC, RJ 12 (Atari keyboard and mouse), …, built-in rechargeable battery with TOS in ROM. Pre-order now!


• Mini-Case 83,– €

High quality aluminium case, painted, available in 4 different colours. 17 connector breakouts and a parallel port connector. Included all screws, speaker, power- and HD-LED, push-button for the power switch. Currently blue and black versions are in stock.


• 16GB Compact-Flash Card 16,– €

Compact-Flash Card 16 GB, different manufacturers. Pre-formatted with 1 x 2 GB FAT16 "C" for TOS and 1 x 14GB FAT 32 "D" for FreeMiNT. If desired with pre-installed FireBee FreeMiNT Setup (for free).


• FreeMiNT Setup for FireTOS 0.– €

Our FreeMiNT setup for the FireBee (FireTOS only). It contains 50 programs like a webbrowser, FTP client, PDF- and image viewer, help system, unpacker suite, text editor, 3 desktops, development environments, GEM configuration tools and control panels. All these programs are GEM-based (no UNIX tools). Pre-installed on CF card on demand.


• Power supply 38,- €

This 40 Watt power supply is the perfect choice for the FireBee. It´s worldwide usable, please tell us your preferred country version for the power-cord when ordering. Without this information, we´ll include a power-cord according to your shipping address.


• Rechargable battery 9,– €

Standard industrial cell 2200mAh. This rechargeable battery can be used as a replacement or for doubling the self-sufficient runtime up to about 1 hour. Of course we solder any cell configuration for you!

All prices are shown without shipping costs. Orders are processed by Medusa Computer Systems. This export from Suisse is always free of VAT, in some cases your post office will ask you to pay national taxes.

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