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AHCC 5.5
On January and as almost every six months, Henk Robbers has released a new version of its AHCC development environment.

For the record, AHCC (A Home Cooked Compiler C) is an Open-Source development environment that aims to be fully compatible with Pure C, very popular on Atari but sadly unavailable. The approach of AHCC is to create some Atari programs that can work, with the same binary, on all the processors, from 020 up to 060 including the ColdFires.

Henk Robbers is developing further AHCC extremely consequently and reliably. And this for years. By the fact of the open sources, all the work is in future usable and no existence-endangering relationship of dependence can evolve anymore. Furthermore AHCC is splendidly proper for even coding at the "small" original Ataris.

AHCC 5.5: http://ahcc.atari.org/

FB-Basic icon set for Teradesk
FB-Basic is a new 48pts icon set for Teradesk 4.07 running in a Multitask OS (FreeMiNT+XaAES/MyAES on the FireBee).


The set, created by L. Zanier, is composed by 251 icons in 256 (NVDI palette), 16 and 2 colors. The idea behind the set was to refresh the look of the FireBee's desktop with new, sleek and up-to-date icons. Although the ...

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Mail system and server infrastructure
During the first week of January 2017, our server will go offline for a few days because it will be set up from scratch again.

That means that our mailboxes acpinfo (at) atari (dot) org and acpinfo (at) firebee (dot) org won't be available during that time. The same goes for the domain firebee.org as our public mailinglist. This is a planned and temporary downtime! Don't panic! ;) As usual, you will always be able to reach this website through the IP address,

Thanks to Swiftconsult who once again generously supported us, we now also have acpinfo (at) atari-home (dot) de available as a fallback mail address. You will always be able to reach us through this address.

During the downtime in the first week of January, the other mail addresses won't work anymore. The reason is that we currently have pretty big ...

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Full-length report about the level shifter problem
What follows is the detailled background report about the killjoy of this summer...


It all began with the fact that most of the finished boards wouldn't even start, after they had arrived at Medusa. The few that did consumed so much power that they caused the generously sized power supplies to fail. We don't ...

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TeraDesk 4.07
A new version of the TeraDesk desktop is available.

The new 4.07 is mainly a bug fix version with only a minor new feature: the option to change TeraDesk's behaviour when opening links to directories (Additional details are available in TeraDesk's documents).

The new version of TeraDesk can be downloaded at: tera407.zip

As there were no changes in the resource files from version 4.06 to 4.07, old RSC files can still be used. Russian Teradesk 4.07, with up-to-date documents is already available, while other 4.07 will follow soon. As before, Nationalized version of TeraDesk are available at the Kurobox ftp server: ftp://kurobox.serveftp.net:30 ... /desktops/


EmuTOS 0.9.7
A new version of our Open-Source Operating System is available.

As we already announced on the mailing list, a new version of the alternative Open-Source operating system for Atari platforms has recently been released. EmuTOS will continue to be improved, and the team around Roger Burrows has once again done a great job. Besides the "small bugfixes" there are 58 new functions and larger fixes in this new release! FireBee owners will directly benefit from many of these improvements. Some good examples would be the new, extended MBR partitions or the independently runnable version of EmuCON2.

As always, EmuTOS will be flashed into the ROM of the FireBee with flash_cf.prg, and can then either be used as the completely independent standard OS by selecting it through the DIP-switches; or by ...

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Delivery and call for donations
Dear Atari-Community. The delivery of the second Firebee-series has finally begun.

Since we currently are receiving the modified boards in small batches from the assembly company as announced before, the computers will be sent out in the order they were ordered. Thank you once again for your patience. The computers will have, as had been mentioned several times, two years of warranty.

We now also know the exact costs for the whole "game" with the busdriver-components. All in all, Medusa Computer Systems now has to pay 2720.- Euros extra for searching the cause of the problem and for refitting the boards. Since we calculated the prices very narrowly in order to be able to pass on the 40.- Euro price reduction to you, we don't want to just increase the fixed ...

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FreeMiNT at ColdFire EVBs
An new exciting development was finished regarding FreeMiNT on Freescales ColdFire 547x/548x Evaluation Boards

As the well known Atari developer Vincent Rivière announced, at the new freemint mailinglist , mintv4e.prg now runs perfectly on ColdFire Evaluation Boards. With these boards there is another hardware plattform aside the FireBee itselve, which can run FreeMiNT for ColdFire natively. Using EmuTOS from 20160606 or later, preferably the soon upcoming 0.9.7 version, you can boot the EVBs from dBug, TFTP servers or directly (auto-boot) from Bas_gcc. Note that if you want networking in MiNT, you'll need BaS_gcc in flash.

Bas_gcc is used at the FireBee as well, and maintained for some years now by Markus Fröschle who ported it to the ColdFire 547x/548x EVBs like the FEC.XIF network driver.

By the use of EmuTOS Operating System as basis ...

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Working Boards
This week Medusa Computer Systems received a first fully functional board from the assembly company.


The bus drivers had been removed from the computer, isolated with Kapton tape and soldered back on afterwards. The system is now running perfectly and the chips are not getting warmer than 45 degree celsius even after several hours of operation. ...

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Board Status

Switching out the bus driver from a TI- to an NPX-model unfortunately did not solve the problems. This presents a true challenge for Medusa, since some of the behaviours of the board still are a mystery. You can probably imagine the enormous pressure this puts mostly on Fredi Aschwanden, in order to finally begin delivery of the computers. Nevertheless, we will only start with that as soon as all problems are actually solved. We want the computers to work a 100%, just like the first series. For this reason, we would like to thank all of you end-users for your infinite patience. Especially those, who have made a down payment a long time ago already.

As next steps, we will ...

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