Shipping and new Orders
About the situation and availability of the hardware

In recent weeks, we have seen a noticeable increase in pre-order with sometimes unsolicited remittances from "new customers". We would like to clarify again the current situation.

The 2nd series of FireBees is currently sold out. We have been delivering them for some time now (unfortunately very slowly). All new orders are placed on a waiting list. In case of withdrawals during the shipping process, the machines will be assigned according to this list. In addition, binding pre-orders are of interest for a possible further series of FireBees. The more people pre-order the more likely such a series will be produced in the future. An early delivery will not be possible for new customers.

The normal procedure is to pre-order via the firebee.org web site or by e-mail. Please do not send any money if you are ordering for the first time. At the moment it is absolutely unclear if there will be a machine for you, and if – at all – a further series will be done. In addition, contacting directly Medusa Computer, can complicate our volunteer work and will not increase the chances of getting a FireBee!

The customers who have been waiting for their FireBees more than 2 years now, will be contacted reliably by us soon and can expect to receive their devices in the coming weeks and months.


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Alienkidmj12 :: 2018-08-05 02:03:22

Can someone please contact me regarding firebee issues. Davidjsivesrutherford@gmail.com
Mathias :: 2018-08-05 20:44:25

Dear David,

after the about 60 mails plus several more PMs that we exchanged to date, I like to apologize that I do not always react within 48 hours in my spare time, when you write by mail at atari-forum.com and here at the same weekend, ... ;) Please do not forget; this is a free and non-commercial project. We are all here in our spare time. Please start to read this website, especially "Support", so you do not have to ask for a FreeMiNT setup for example!

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