FB-Basic icon set for Teradesk
FB-Basic is a new 48pts icon set for Teradesk 4.07 running in a Multitask OS (FreeMiNT+XaAES/MyAES on the FireBee).

The set, created by L. Zanier, is composed by 251 icons in 256 (NVDI palette), 16 and 2 colors. The idea behind the set was to refresh the look of the FireBee's desktop with new, sleek and up-to-date icons. Although the FB-Basic is derived from the Linear Classic set, along the development all the icons were replaced or re-edited, thus it gained its own distinctive look well represented by the new device icons. Furthermore, four new devices (FB Hard-disk, Net-Printer, CD-R, CF card), 39 new programs icons (30 games and 9 apps), 1 file and 1 folder were added. A new configuration file (teradesk.inf), optimised for the Official FreeMiNT Setup, and with most icons already assigned is also included.


download: FB-Basic 48pts (.zip 494kB)


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Vido :: 2017-01-18 18:18:24

I just love this icon set! :)

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