Mail system and server infrastructure
During the first week of January 2017, our server will go offline for a few days because it will be set up from scratch again.

That means that our mailboxes acpinfo (at) atari (dot) org and acpinfo (at) firebee (dot) org won't be available during that time. The same goes for the domain firebee.org as our public mailinglist. This is a planned and temporary downtime! Don't panic! ;) As usual, you will always be able to reach this website through the IP address,

Thanks to Swiftconsult who once again generously supported us, we now also have acpinfo (at) atari-home (dot) de available as a fallback mail address. You will always be able to reach us through this address.

During the downtime in the first week of January, the other mail addresses won't work anymore. The reason is that we currently have pretty big problems to reach many of you. The atari (dot) org redirect that we had used for many years without problems is now not accepted anymore by an increasing number of mail servers, and sometimes even treated as spam. For this reason, we switch completely to firebee (dot) org mailboxes and will maintain all mail services ourselves from now on.

We would like to thank atari (dot) org at this point for the many years of great collaboration!

In the new year we will continue with fresh enthusiasm and with the delivery of the new series.

Happy New Year!

Your ACP-Team


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JoeIron :: 2017-01-13 11:05:59

So it is over, right? Did everything go smoothly?
Mathias :: 2017-01-14 15:50:17

Sadly not. We will have another downtime next weekend. But everything looks well so far.

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FB-Basic icon set for Teradesk
Donation to cover FireBee production repair costs.

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