A GEM coding guide for AHCC
Peter Lane, the well-known developer, creates a very interesting coding guide.


Peter Lane has developed several applications running on the Firebee which we had mentioned before, like the Sokoban game, BibFind and many more. Lane mainly develops his GEM applications with the C programming language under AHCC. Today he provides all development notes he gathered in a pdf file. The code examples are very simple at first, and then increasingly complex, which strongly increases the information value. In addition, these examples were tested successfully on Atari ST and Firebee. The guide, currently available in English only, will be translated in various languages.

The guide can be downloaded directly at: http://peterlane.info/downloads/guide.pdf
The source code example is also available: http://peterlane.info/downloa ... source.zip

Find all the developments of Peter Lane on his website: http://peterlane.info/


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Peter :: 2016-07-12 11:13:24

An updated version of the guide has been published in the same location. This extended version includes discussion of menus, dialogs, multiple events and the scrap library.

The guide can now also be read online, at: http://peterlane.info/gemguid ... index.html
Ethereal :: 2019-07-14 04:07:20

Here is a link to the current location of the guide:

https://peterlane.netlify.com ... /

you Peter for putting this together. :)
Ethereal :: 2019-07-14 04:08:24


Mathias :: 2019-08-04 00:02:55

Thanks for the update Peter!

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FireTOS addon archive
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A GEM coding guide for AHCC
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A GEM coding guide for AHCC
Ethereal2019-07-14 04:07:20
A GEM coding guide for AHCC
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