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EmuTOS-2017 news
Versions 0.9.8 / 0.9.9 / and Travis CI integration.

Dec 15th, the following bug in the version 0.9.9 was found:
When deleting desktop icons, it could ask you to delete a bunch of files, fortunately after confirmation dialog.
As this could cause data loss, there was the release of the hotfix. Please update now if you are alredy using 0.9.9 :

On December 11th EmuTOS Development Team released version 0.9.9 of free Atari-compatible OS.

Major changes:
• AES: Allow mouse cursors to be loaded at boot time
• EmuDesk: Add 'Desktop configuration' dialog
• EmuDesk: Allow configuration of window/desktop backgrounds
• EmuDesk: Allow desktop window file mask to be specified
• EmuDesk: Omit unused desktop menu items
• EmuDesk: Open new window with Alt+doubleclick on folder
• General: Automatically build snapshot releases when a commit is pushed
• VDI: Add blitter support for horizontal line drawing
• VDI: Add blitter support for filled rectangle drawing
• VDI: Add blitter support for raster graphics

On April 27th EmuTOS version 0.9.8 was published.

The main features since previous version are:

• BIOS: Autodetect IDE interface with twisted cable at run-time
• EmuDesk: Add support for desktop shortcuts
• EmuDesk: Add support for formatting floppies
• EmuDesk: Add support for user-assignable desktop icons

May 29th, Vincent Rivière finished the integration of EmuTOS builds with Travis CI, as already implemented for FreeMiNT snapshots. EmuTOS development snapshots are now automatically built and uploaded to SourceForge on every developer’s push to GitHub.

Snapshots are also purged automatically on every new build.
• always kept at least 5 snapshots
• other snapshots older than 7 days are deleted

Snapshots are available at sourceforge

You can go to the latest build subfolder and choose file
emutos-firebee-*-*-*.zip - it will be the latest EmuTOS Firebee build with all possible updates and improvements.

For those who interested a bit more - here is also lots of useful info: At the bottom of the above page, there is a link to Travis CI build history. You can see there the list of last builds, and the time spent to build all the binaries. Currently: between 5 and 6 minutes. For each build, there is a detailed build log when you click on "master" on the left.

Inside the folder of a specific snapshot on SourceForge, there is a description at the bottom. It includes the change log from previous snapshot, as well as useful links to GitHub and Travis CI.


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