USB ports:

The FireBee offers five USB 2.0 ports (Hi-Speed), four external and one internal. Current FireTOS supports both USB mass storage and HID devices, meaning that you can connect various input devices (such as keyboards and mice), hard disk drives and USB sticks. However, USB floppy disk drives, microphones, speakers and other audio devices are not supported, yet.

Mass storage devices of any size may be used via FreeMiNT with the file systems FAT32 and ext2. FireTOS is restricted to the limits of TOS 4.04 (FAT16, maximum 2 GB).

Note that you can't currently use USB hubs or keyboards with an integrated hub (Apple etc.) with the FireBee.

If you run a version of FireTOS that permits to select EmuTOS in the boot menu, you can use FireTOS's USB drivers with EmuTOS and work with USB keyboards or other USB devices, even though EmuTOS lacks the required USB drivers. However, selecting EmuTOS via the DIP switches will prevent you from using USB devices with EmuTOS.

The hardware specifications allow a USB connector Type A at the internal USB port, or the PIN header next to it.

Two of the four external USB Type A ports may be deliver up to 500 mA more to power your USB devices.

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