FreeMiNT basic settings:

When you bought your FireBee with a gratis preinstalled FreeMiNT, or unpacked a new official FreeMiNT-Setup to your CompactFlash-Card or HD/SSD, you will presumably like to make some basic settings. The following file is opened with the Netsurf browser at your FireBee at first bootup, and put on records here as well, for documentation or your preparation if you plan to get a new FireBee or wait for your ordered one.

Before you start using your FireBee

Before you start using your FireBee you'll probably want to change some basic settings. All of the tools described below can be found in the folder c:/mint/setup/.

Choose which desktop to use:

With the tool sel_desk.prg you can select which desktop to use with FreeMiNT on your FireBee. It comes with a selection of three desktops - Teradesk, Thing! v1.27 and Thing! v1.29. Please note that Thing! v1.29 is a betaversion and has some bugs. Thing! v1.29 is pre-installed in German. Inside the language folder you can find the DE, FR, IT, NL and UK RSC files for Thing! v1.27 and DE, UK and IT RSC files for Thing! v1.29.

sel_desk.prg is automatically started the first time you boot your FireBee. If you want to switch to an other desktop later on, you can easily do so with this tool.

Your desktop selection is stored in the configuration file c:/mint/desktop.cnf.

Change screenmode:

Your FireBee boots by default into a standard VGA resolution. This means 640 by 480 pixels in 65536 colours. You probably want to select a mode more appropriate to your monitor. The tool modes.prg presents a list of all available screenmodes for you to choose between. If your monitor supports EDID, the monitor's native resolution is easily available as the "Best" screenmode. This mode is selected by default.

Important! Please test the screenmode before you use it! If the test doesn't display a proper picture, don't use the screenmode.
Please see: Set the screenmode .

The screenmode is saved in the configuration file c:/mint/xa_video.cnf. If you by accident save a screenmode that your monitor doesn't support, you can boot to FireTOS or EmuTOS and delete this file.

Modify the network settings:

The network settings in your FireBee is preconfigured to automatically connect to your network using the DHCP protocol. If your network is using this (most do), then you don't have to change anything.

If your network doesn't use DHCP, or you for some reason want to assign your FireBee a fixed address, you can launch the netconf.prg tool. This will allow you to choose between automatic (DHCP) and manual network configuration. If you use manual configuration, the tool will not let you save the settings until all required fields are filled out and validated.

Note! The Firebee ethernet driver's device name is eth0.

Your network settings are saved in c:/mint/network.cnf. If you don't use networking at all, you can safely delete this file.

Select keyboard layout:

FireTOS only supports a fixed number of keyboard layouts. If yours is not one of them, when in the FreeMiNT environment you may want to install or create a different keyboard layout. Pre-configured keyboard layouts are inside the c:/mint/keyboard/ folder. Just copy your preferred *.tbl layout in the FreeMiNT folder (c:/mint/) and rename it to "keyboard.tbl".
You may have to create your own layout. This can be done manually or you can use the GEM tool KeyEdit.prg located in folder c:/mint/setup/.
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