FireTOS addon archive
The ACP-Team collected a set of useful software, prepared to give you best singletasking experiences on your FireBee right from the start.

In July we published the brandnew FireTOS addon archive on firebee.org. This collection of programs is designed for easy singletask working on the FireBee. Yes, there are people who prefer working under TOS and we know that there are also "pure (Fire)TOS users" on the Bee; so for those not running MiNT this collection may be very helpful.
Similar to the „Language-Disks“ known from Atari we prepared some essential programs which can be used directly on an SD card (as floppy replacement) or from partition „C“ on mass storage devices like CF card, harddisc or SSDs connected to your FireBee.
You will find included a controlpanel server with some useful cpx modules, the helpsystem ST-Guide, a texteditor, a calculator, a screenshot utility and also programs for flashing the FireBee ROM and patching NVDI.
As a „Bonus“ we created a nice set of new icons for your TOS desktop.

You can download the new addon archive for FireTOS (only 2,2 MB) from our new firebee.org addon page .


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skeezix :: 2019-08-21 04:20:21

Nice! I went deep into building a comprehensive MiNT some years ago, that had all the features of my usual Linux setup; but after awhile it started to feel like .. why was I rebuilding it to be like my usual Linux experience, which we already can do ... it loses all its essential character that way. You can get an r-pi etc for that, cheaper and easier...

So what makes it unique? Is it TOS or the pioneering history or the pioneering spirit that keeps it going?

So single-user is still cool; its painful, but its ours :)

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