Two tools for writers
In March, two programs were released for writers: BibFind, for working with bibtex-format bibliographies, and Neso, a text to HTML converter.

Writing is a productive activity that can be done as effectively on the Firebee as any other computer. Peter Lane has created two tools to help support the writing process. The first helps you look through a BibTeX file to obtain citations and references to paste into a document, and the second is a text to html converter, based on asciidoc. These programs enable you to write and preview documents on the Firebee, which can then be converted to pdf/epub etc format on a computer running a complete asciidoc system.

BibFind running under MINT+XaAES on a FireBee.
The first program, BibFind, lets you search for entries in a bibliography written in BibTeX .bib format. You can look at each entry in the bibliography, or search for entries which match one or more words. Citations or references can then be copied to the clipboard for pasting into a text editor or word processor. This has been tested with QED and Atari Works.

You can copy any of the following information:

1. id: useful for LaTeX or asciidoc documents
2. cite: an (author, year) citation style
3. Harvard: a Harvard-style author (year) reference, to paste into reference lists
4. IEEE: an IEEE-style reference, for numeric reference lists

The second program, Neso, is a text to html conversion program, in the spirit of Asciidoc and Markdown. It supports a limited subset of asciidoc syntax including headers, images, http links, lists and simple formatting.

Neso can be used (in Mint) along with a text editor and a html viewer, such as QED and Netsurf. Documents can be edited in QED, converted by clicking the 'Convert' button on Neso, and then the display refreshed in Netsurf; this is an efficient editing/preview process.

For more information and downloadable files, visit:

Both programs have been developed on the Firebee using the AHCC C compiler.


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