New games by Orionsoft
The indy developer of the well-known Myst-like adventures Elansar and Philia is once again owner of a FireBee - and he has updated both adventures.

The update improves video quality in the intro for Elansar and performance of the game. Its sequel Philia - which was previously a Falcon-only game - is now compatible with the FireBee. Both games can be played in fullscreen or in a GEM window, are multitasking friendly and feature colourful 16 bit graphics. Besides the FireBee, other high-end Atari-compatible benefit from the update too, such as the CT60 or systems with graphic cards.

Both games can be ordered online for at least 5 Euro.

Just after this news was allready written, Orion released another game for the FireBee computer. This time it is a puzzle / platformer game in the pure style of old school pixel art, called Alice's Mom's Rescue. It is running fullscreen and it can be played only with USB keboard. We hope in future Atari keyboard will be also supported.
The game is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian languages and it is available on itch.io store for a small price.

Orion is a true multiplatform developer who has released games for multiple platforms, including the Falcon, Jaguar, Android, Windows and Mac. He recently ported his puzzle game Yopaz to the ST as a GEM game.


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