Choosing your Operating System:

The default operating system starting on your FireBee can be selected by DIP-switches on the motherboard.

Manipulate the DIP-switches 5 and 6 on the left side of the motherboard, just beside the CPU. Switches '5 ON, 6 ON' boots into FireTOS while '5 OFF, 6 ON' boot EmuTOS.
By default the switches are set to boot FireTOS.

Note: If EmuTOS is set via DIP-switches, you must use an Atari compatible keyboard or an Eiffel adapter for PS/2 keyboard and mouse connected to the RJ11 connector (no USB). Also EmuTOS can not use the other FireTOS drivers for USB and HID-devices. But it's booting in 100% native ColdFire mode!

The FireTOS OS selection menu:

If the DIP-switches are set to boot FireTOS, the first that you´ll see after starting the FireBee is the FireTOS OS selection menu with three options:

1: TOS404 for MiNT (FireTOS)
2: EmuTOS
3: TOS404 full (FireTOS extended version)

Select the OS with UP/DOWN keys and RETURN.

If you select EmuTOS here, it is loaded "on top" the FireTOS basic system. Please see "The FireBee operating systems".

Note: If an original Atari keyboard is attached to the machine, FireTOS might decide to directly boot into FireTOS for MiNT.
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