The FireTOS add-on archive

This is our FireTOS add-on archive (zip 2.2MB). Similar to the "Language disks", delivered with Atari Falcon computer back in the days, this archive contains some basic system add-ons for FireTOS.

All these files are also included in our FireBee FreeMiNT Setup , so if you install(ed) the FireBee FreeMiNT Setup you don't need this add-on archive, do not use it in this case. The archive is interresting for people who like to use the Single TOS environment. So it makes sense to use it with "TOS 4.04" and "TOS 4.04 full" from the FireTOS boot menue. It is an addon to FireTOS and has some 68k programs included, so do not try to use it with EmuTOS!

  • FBXCTRLE.ACC: Controlpanel server, patched for FireBee (the name is a shortcut for "FireBee Xcontrol English"). The Control Panel is used to access the control panel extensions (CPXs).
  • The following cpx modules are included:
    • FIRECONF.CPX: the FireBee's main configuration tool
    • CLOCK_E.CPX: set the desired date and time
    • FSOUND.CPX: adjust the volume of the sound output/input
    • COLORVDI.CPX: choose which colors from the color palette are available for window colors
    • WCOLORS.CPX: assign colors and/or patterns to different elements of desktop window
    • CONFIG.CPX: change the name, choose the displayed text and icon color, and change the RAM resident status of CPXs.
  • JPEGSNAP.ACC: Screenshot accessory.
  • ST-GUIDE helpsystem.
  • QED, a texteditor for Atari/compatible.
  • FLASHER tool for flashing the FireBee ROM.
  • Calculator
  • Patch program for NVDI on FireBee.
  • deskicon.rsc: Some nice desktop icons for FireTOS.


Unzip the archive. You can either copy the files to a SD-card and boot your FireBee with this SD-card inserted (as drive A:, like a Falcon without harddisc) or copy the files to your bootdrive C: on CF-card/IDE-HD and reboot after that.


For general informations about FireTOS desktop usage, accessories and control panels please see the Atari Falcon user manual (pdf 3.3MB) on https://atariworld.org.

Controlpanel server FBXCTRL.ACC:

In Options/Configuration dialog, set the correct path to the cpx folder: Click on CPX directory path, then in fileselector navigate to your cpx folder and enter "*.CPX" as filename. Click OK, reload the cpx modules and save.

ST-GUIDE: Please edit (mostly the paths) in configuration file "st-guide.inf" according to your installation path (A: or C:) with texteditor QED.

IMPORTANT: The software included in this FireTOS add-on archive is provided "as is". Means that if you have problems/suggestions or just questions about a particular software, please read its documentation first and, if your issue is not solved, contact the author/developer directly or post in a forum.
All the installed programs are tested by several users and work good. But please understand that the ACP project can not maintain/support all this "third party" software!

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