FreeMiNT look and feel:

Desktop icons

Lodovico Zanier created some nice modern icon sets for your desktops. These ready-to-use archives contain an .INF file with most icons already assigned (Thing!) or the desktop configured for the FireBee's official setup & most icons assigned (Teradesk). Teradesk 4.05 or newer is required to align properly 48 pts icons.

For TeraDesk:

FireBee Basic 48pts, v1.54 2018-02-14
This set includes 364 icons, 48pts in 2, 16 and 256 colors (.zip 435kB). Full preview

Linear Blue 48pts, v1.4b 2015-12-09
This set includes 206 icons, 48pts in 2, 16 and 256 colors (.zip 236kB). Full preview

Linear Classic 48pts, v1.54 2018-02-14
This set includes 364 icons, 48pts in 2, 16 and 256 colors (.zip 449kB). Full preview

Linear Grey 48pts, v1.1 2014-09-14
This set includes 178 icons, 48pts in 2, 16 and 256 colors (.zip 193kB).

Linear Grey 32pts, v0.9 2013-05-03
This set includes 59 icons, 32pts in 2, 16 and 256 colors (.zip 40kB).

For Thing! and TeraDesk:

Icon Set 2.0 2013-05-03
Classic icon sets, based on the the default Thing! 1.27 icons.

Wallpapers (Background images)

These wallpapers can be used as background images in the FreeMiNT/XaAES or the FreeMiNT/MyAES environments. Each archive contains the following sizes: 4x3(1600x1200 pts), 16x9(1920x1080), 16x10(1920x1200), 1024x768, 1280x1024.


XaAES widgets and gradients
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