Printing with the FireBee

Local printing

On the FireBee, printing works different with the various operating systems:
  • With EmuTOS, local printing via parallel port works well.
    You can print with QED, Wordplus, ...

  • EmuTOS+FreeMinT: Same as above (please install FreeMinT device driver "lp.xdd" from support page). You can also use PH ERP for network printing.

  • Little drawback: NVDI does not work with EmuTOS.

  • FireTOS: Due to a bug in this OS (to be investigated), printing via parallel port is not possible for now.

  • FireTOS+FreeMinT: The FireTOS bug also affects FreeMinT, so printing via parallel port donĀ“t work. Of course you can use PHERP with FreeMinT here.
For all operating systems, there are no USB printer drivers yet.

Printing via network

This is not a "workaround" but the program ProbeHouse Easy Remote Print (PH ERP) from Wong CK. If you own a network printer or shared printer connected to Windows/Linux PC or Mac, PH ERP can send your FireBee print jobs to these devices via network.
PH ERP runs only with MinT/MinTNet.

"PH Easy Remote Print is a client utilising LPD protocol, RAW protocol and Google Cloud Print. Submitting print jobs are now just a simple drag & drop or use the redirector to directly sent print job to your network printer. Monitor LPD print queue and cancel jobs from the GUI."

Download the app from his website: https://sites.google.com/site ... -downloads

For the FireBee you have to use "PHERPCF.PRG", please read further informations in PHERP zip archive/doc/pherp.htm.
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