The FireBee FreeMiNT Setup

For those who want to run a maximum compatibility multitasking environment on the FireBee, we provide The FireBee FreeMiNT Setup ; pre-installed on demand for free on your ordered FireBee CF card or via download (.zip 50 MB).

This FreeMiNT setup is optimized for the FireBee and intended to use as a modern multitasking GEM environment . Means that there are only few basic UNIX commandline tools included (although you can add those features by yourself). Instead the setup contain "must have" GEM-programs for everyday using as a modern environment.

  • FreeMiNT/XaAES coldfire kernel
  • multitasking system, supporting long filenames and big partition sizes (FAT32 and ext2)
  • pre-configured, automatic network connection with DHCP
  • GEM Setup tools for easy system configuration
  • Three selectable desktops (TeraDesk, Thing! 1.27 and 1.29) with modern iconsets.
  • Browser NetSurf, Litchi ftp client, Troll email client, text editor QED, pdf and image viewer zView, music player mxPlay, helpsystem HypView, several development tools (AHCC, GBE, RecourceMaster, ...), controlpanel server COPS and more


If you received your FireBee with the pre-installed setup on CF-card you need to do nothing - just switch on your Bee, select "TOS404 for MinT" in the FireTOS bootselector and enjoy.

If you download the archive from our website, please follow these instructions:
  1. Make sure that you FireBee firmware is up-to-date.
  2. We assume that your CF card or IDE harddisc is set up correctly . So the bootpartition is C:.
  3. Unzip the archive and copy the complete content to drive C: on your CF card.
  4. Reboot your FireBee.
Now at boot the FireTOS bootselector shows up again (choose "TOS404 for MinT"), then some messages from the different FreeMiNT modules are displayed. You´ll be asked which desktop you want to use:


If you have no idea, select "TeraDesk" for the beginning - you can switch to another desktop any time.
A brief help with further information about FireBee FreeMiNT will guide you through the first steps then.

As FreeMiNT don´t replace the FireTOS (it is loaded "on top"), you can always boot into FireTOS by deactivating FreeMiNT in its boot menu: While booting, press LEFT SHIFT key at prompt "Hold down the SHIFT key to enter the menu" to access the FreeMiNT boot menu. Now you can set/activate/de-activate the options by typing the respective numbers that are listed first. For booting FireTOS, type 1 + 2 + 3 and choose if the settings shall be saved with "0". Then leave the menu with RETURN.

Important notes:

- NEVER try to run the FireBee FreeMiNT Setup with EmuTOS - it will crash!

- All the software included in this FireBee FreeMiNT Setup is provided "as is". Means that if you have problems/suggestions or just questions about a particular software, please read its documentation first and, if your issue is not solved, contact the author/developer directly or post in a forum.
All the installed programs are tested by several users and work good. But please understand that the ACP project can not maintain/support all this "third party" software!

Have fun!

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