Choosing your Operating System:

The FireBee features FireTOS and EmuTOS in a flash-ROM. Just with an original Atari (after the disk-TOS) boot-up to the desktop is possible without the need of additional storage devices.

There are two possibilities to select your OS of choice:
• via the FireTOS OS menu
• via DIP-Switches

After switching on the FireBee you'll find the FireTOS OS menu with three possibilities:

- FireTOS for FreeMiNT
- EmuTOS
- FireTOS full

FireTOS for FreeMiNT
seems to be the typical choice. This will boot into the well-known TOS 4.04 which has been adapted for ColdFire by Didier Mequignon, featuring perfect cooperation with the multitasking OS add-on FreeMiNT. People wanting to use a CF-card, hard drive or SSD in combination with MiNT will use this. FireTOS also features the cf68klib which implements a set of missing 68k instructions through emulation. This way it is possible to have a multitude of well-liked Atari 16/32 software running on the FireBee, if cleanly programmed for a GEM environment.

is the open source TOS established on source released by Digital Research and which is maintained by a voluntary community for years now. Its great advantage is its full adaption to the ColdFire hardware letting it run at full speed! 68k software will only run under full emulation though.
A second advantage of EmuTOS is its fallback-functionalty which can step in if FireTOS should take issues making it malfunction. In this case EmuTOS accesses the CF-card or whatever hardware is used.
If EmuTOS is booted via the FireTOS OS menue USB keyboards or mice can be used although through FireTOS's driver set.

FireTOS full
boots into TOS 4.04 as well featuring some gimmicks for single-tasking use and without MiNT, such as a STiNG-compatible TCP/IP-stack, TFTP-server and other likes.

When an original Atari keyboard is attached to the machine FireTOS might decide to directly boot into FireTOS for FreeMiNT.

As already mentioned the system can be chosen as well by manipulating DIP-switches 5 and 6 on the left of the motherboard, just beside the CPU. '5 on, 6 on' boots into FireTOS while '5 off, 6 on' boot EmuTOS which will then need an Atari compatible keyboard, not being able to use the FireTOS drivers for USB and HID-devices. Nonetheless it's booting the 100% native ColdFire mode.

People wanting to try Linux need to flash the Freescale bootloader, dBUG. dBUG takes over instead of BaS providing netboot and other possibilities.
Also, FireTOS can run on dBUG.
Flashing BaS or dBUG is done in a minute and can be done anytime.
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