NVDI is a system enhancement software for Atari computers (TOS, MagiC and MinT) and was developped by Behne & Behne Systemsoftware GbR from 1993 to 1998.
NVDI links vector fonts into the system, enables printing on laser-, inkjet- and dot matrix-printers, enhances the system with new screen and colour functions and accelerates the screen output.

NVDI is not a free software and is not supported anymore by B&B brothers. This leads to the following problems:
  • It´s not possible to include a patched version in the FireBee FreeMinT setup. Every FireBee user has to patch his own version for the FireBee.
  • Drivers for modern printers (i.e. USB printers) are not available.
But patching NVDI is easy and you can use any network or shared printer with the tool "PHERP.PRG" (ProbeHouse Easy Remote Printing) from Wong CK.

Additionally, caused by various OS problems it´s not possible to print via NVDI locally (parallel port) for now. Please see Printing with the FireBee page.

How to patch NVDI 5.x to run on the FireBee:

This patch was successfully applied to NVDI versions 5.00, 5.01 and 5.03. Your FireTOS has to be from 27th of July 2011 or newer - all new FireBees has newer TOS-versions already.
  1. Start up your FireBee into FireTOS.
  2. Install NVDI 5.x: If you want to use the NVDI installation program you must first use an other computer to copy all files except "NEXTDISK" from both NVDI floppies to a SD-card/CF-card or USB-stick and then start the installation program from this media.
    If you have an other computer with NVDI 5.x installed, you can also copy this installation directly to your FireBee CF-card. If you do this, make sure that you're not including any third-party graphics card drivers!
  3. Rename all NVDI*.SYS Files to NVDI*.SYX. This means you have to go to the folder C:/GEMSYS/ and rename the following files:
  4. Start the patch-program C:/NVDI/NVDIPTCH.TTP. The desktop will now ask for parameters - don't enter any except in the case where your bootpartition is not C: (NVDIPTCH.TTP is expecting the following directories by default: C:/AUTO/NVDI.PRG and C:/GEMSYS/OFF*.NOD).
    If this is the case, enter the name of the partition (e.g. "d:"). When you press ENTER, you will be asked to confirm each file to be patched. Answer "Yes" ("y" + "enter") to all of these (normally 14 files).

    Your patch is applied and you can leave the patch-program, the patching itself is now finished.

  5. Now use ColdBoot (SBOOT.PRG in the autofolder) to move nvdi.prg before mint*.prg. You can also sort the AUTO-folder manually. In any case NVDI has to be before MiNT and after ColdBoot.
  6. Finally reboot your FireBee.
For general informations about NVDI, see the last NVDI website snapshot from march 2016 here: https://web.archive.org/web/2 ... NVDI5.html

(Patch program by Ole Loots/m0n0. Instructions by m0n0, Jo Even Skarstein and Mathias Wittau.)

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