Keyboards and mice:

Currently, there are two ways to connect keyboards and mice:

1) Atari compatible mice connected through classic Mega ST or Mega/STe keyboards can be attached to the RJ12 connector in the FireBee's rear. Not only do original Atari mice work, but also those provided by other vendors such as Logitech or the Champ Mouse. Well-known peripherals such as the Eiffel will do the job as well. While running under EmuTOS selected via the DIP-switches, this is the only way to use keyboard and mouse as EmuTOS does not feature its own USB stack.

2) The four USB connectors on the FireBee's back can be used to attach USB keyboards and mice. Although many input devices will work, those with an integrated USB hub such as Apple keyboards will not.
FireTOS in the last BETA version from 2014 is recommended as with this release a lot more devices can be used compared to previous versions. If selected in the FireTOS boot menu, EmuTOS will use the in-built USB drivers.
Thanks to the FireBee users, a list of known working (and not working) usb mice can be found on https://www.atari-forum.com/v ... 92&t=24582

Implementation of the PS/2 connector which will be done through the PIC micro controller is still in the works.
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