Basic FireTOS configuration:

Like all TOSes, FireTOS can be configured in a comfortable way according to your personal preferences. All you need is our FireTOS addons archive (of course all tools are also included in our FireBee FreeMiNT setup because some settings here are used by FreeMiNT, too).
The main configuration tool is "fireconf.cpx", a control panel module.

Open the FireTOS Configuration CPX, here you can set your preferred configuration for FireTOS. Please see the FireBee documentation (firebee.hyp in folder GUIDES) too.

There are five common buttons in this CPX:
  • Save : Button for save the settings in file C:/NEWDESK.INF.
  • Load : Load settings from the disk (file NEWDESK.INF).
  • OK : Button for validate the changed values into the NVRAM or Flash ROM (depends on the option).
  • Cancel : Close the CPX, discard any changes.
  • i : Button for display informations about authors and SDRAM.

Section Boot:

If you use a CF card, the boot order must be set to " New boot IDE 0-1 / SCSI 0-7". "OS" should be set to " - " or "TOS".
As SCSI support is not implemented in FPGA yet, leave "SCSI arbitration" and "ID" set to "No" and "0".
You can also set a delay at boot (in seconds) and the default speed of the highspeed serial port for debug purposes.
The log options allow to create a debug video logfile and redirect output of AUTO folder programs to a file.
The TOS cache setting option "TOS" must be set to "normal".
With "IDE" button in the lower right you can swap the two IDE ports (CompactFlash and IDE).

Section Stop/Misc.:

If you use a CF card and/or an IDE-HD, you can select which IDE/SCSI-IDs shall be detected at boot. The boot process can be speeded up by deactivating the unused drive IDs!

Monitor blank (screensaver) don´t work yet, so set it to "0".

For network setup of the integrated TCP/IP stack in FireTOS you can set the last three values of the mac address and the IP address of your FireBee. Also an IP address of a remote TFTP server can be set here.

Section Language:

Set your preferred language, keyboard layout, date/time format and the date separator here.

Section Video(Boot):

This is the screen resolution FireTOS uses at boot.
Better keep the shown default settings (640x480, 65536 colours) as these "secure" values can be displayed by any screen and higher values here slow down the boot process a bit.
You can set your "work" (desktop-) screen resolution in the TOS desktop screen setting dialog.

“Replace NVRAM”: Instead of the values stored in NVRAM, FireTOS uses the values from the Flash ROM (and IKBD clock instead of the RTC). This feature is for fix NVRAM problems caused by a battery failure.
Buttons "Default" and "Use DMA" are only used for Radeon graphic card.

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