Select a background image

XaAES is capable of displaying a wallpaper in all colour depths and resolutions.
However, *setting* a wallpaper is not straightforward. It's done by pressing a keyboard combination which takes a snapshot of the current screen and use it as desktop background.

Now, you probably don't want your GEM desktop as wallpaper, so you need a program that can display a nice picture in fullscreen, and then set the background.
  1. Open a picture with zView. It's recommended to use a picture with the same proportions as your screen. Note: The FireBee wallpapers in various proportions and resolutions can be found in c:/mint/wallp/.
  2. Press »F10« for displaying the picture in fullscreen mode.
  3. Press the following keyboard combination:


    You might have to press Shift to get the ":", e.g. Shift+".". In that case the keyboard combination will be Control+Alt+Shift+".".
    Now XaAES saves this picture as background in c:/mint/1-19-cur/xaaes/»resolution.colour«/xa_form.mfd

  4. Close zView. The picture you just displayed in fullscreen is now your desktop background.

Please note that this background will only be used in the current colour depth and resolution. If you switch to another resolution you will have to repeat the steps above if you want to keep the wallpaper.

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