GEM Software

This is the page where you can find GEM software for the FireBee and also for other Atari computers and clones.


* = Version only for FireBee! (v4e/ColdFire)

GEM Software:

By D. Méquignon https://didier.mequignon.free.fr/


By P. Tonthat https://ptonthat.fr

Troll EMail Client * EN DE FR IT PL
Litchi FTP Client * EN DE FR
PolarSSL LDG * needed for secure EMail/FTP connections
Deflate LDG * needed for compressed backups
KKcommander File manager * EN FR
Cresus Bank accounts manager * EN FR
X2R* Game
BB+* Game
Teenage Queen reloaded* Game

By WongCK https://sites.google.com/site ... i-software

LDG Codecs needed by some PH Softs
PH Clock
CF Pack1 Clockfaces for PHClock by atfact
CF Pack2 Clockfaces for PHClock by Christoph
PH Currency converter
PH Easy Remote Print
PH Forum notify
PH GCalendar
PH News
PH PDF maker beta
PH Synctime
PH VCard
PH Weather
PH World Clock

By various developers

Texel* Table/Calculation
Vision Image paint
Notes by D. Béréziat
Doodle by L. Pursell
Taskbar by Joska
Draconis FTP
latzip by Latz
Birthday Birthday reminder by Oliver Buchmann
Selgem AES Bootselector by Olivier Landemarre http://myaes.lutece.net/
Orcs Resource editor by Th. Otto http://tho-otto.de/downloads.html
Textbook EBook reader EN DE FR by Claude Labelle

FireBee Setup Tools by Joska
lnetconf by Latz
GBE by L. Pursell http://gfabasic.net/

GEM Software on GitHub, Codeberg, ...


We collect the software here for easy access and backup reasons, possible newer versions can be found on the programmers websites.
It may happen that some software will work only on FireBee or also on certain Operating Systems.

This page is always "in construction" and will be updated from time to time. Currently you can find only a limited number of software for the FireBee. You are using this software on your own risk!

Last Update: 25.03.2023
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