The FireBee has no special requirements regarding the monitor. The DVI-I connector provides digital signals as well as analog ones. Any LDC and CRT monitors should work out of the box either with DVI, or VGA via DVI-I to VGA adapter.
When connecting a monitor supporting EDID, the FireBee will recognise its possible resolutions and hand them over to FireTOS's resolution selector.

Should flickering or deformation occur on the video display, there's maybe too few energy supplied. Using a more powerful PSU might fix this.

On testing higher resolutions DVI worked flawlessly with 2560x1440, and VGA with 1920x1440 pixels anyway. Resolutions that high stress video speed though, thus slowing it down.
On some few monitors high resolutions would not work due to their incompatible polarity requirements forcing the use of lower resolutions such as 1360x768.

When changing the monitor we advise to set the resolution to 640x480 at 65k colours as this secure setting can be used on any monitor. If unlucky it might occur otherwise that the switched in monitor is not able to adjust to the resolution the last monitor was set to, and remains black.
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